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Home Sunburn Remedies

Fit Not Fat brings you home sunburn remedies, which will provide you with some handy hints, tips and advice to help ease the pain caused by sunburn as well as speed up the healing process. We have also included a section on how to avoid sunburn and the tell tale signs that your skin is becoming over exposed to the sun.

So with the preamble done and dusted lets get started.

Think about applying the following solutions

Aveeno Bath Treatment - Made from oatmeal, aveeno bat treatment is an excellent solution to treating sunburn. Place a fair amount into a bath a of warm water and soak yourself for roughly twenty-minutes.

Baking soda - this may sound like on of the most unusual of home sunburn remedies, but beleif it or not , it's pretty good. Here you sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda into a lukewarm bath, have a good old soak in it. When it is time to get out of the bath, don't towel dry yourself, just let yourself dry naturally.

Cornstarch - For this home sunburn remedy you don't have to get in to the bath. Here grab yourself a mixing bowl annd add just the right amount of water and cornstarch and make a paste. Next smear the paste over the hotspots and leave until yoou're satisfied it has worked its magic.

Lettuce - Although lettuce sounds like one of the funniest home sunburne remedies you have ever come across, it's properties for soothing sunburn are pretty damn good. This remedy takes a bit longer in the preparation department than most of the other sunburn remedies we'll discuss today, but it's worth it. Firstly, what you'll need to do is boil the lettuce leaves in water, strain the contents and leave the juice to cool in the fridge for a few hours. When the formula is nice and cool apply it to the affected areas with cotton wool or something else of similar softness.

Tea bags - Tea bags have been know for their superb qualities in reducing the puffiness of eyes for years; but now it is believed that these very same qualities can be used to reduce the swelling caused by overexposure to the sun. Tea bags soaked in cold water as you may have figured out, work wonders on sunburnt eye lids.

Vegetables (sliced) - If you find that you have been surnburn in small patches like the topsides of your hands (which I always manage to do every summer, when I forget to add sun block to them) then sliced potatoes, cucumber or avacados will give you some relief and will also help reduce swelling.

Yogurt - When applying yoghurt make sure you use the plain variety. You'll find the coolnes and texture of the yogurt will soothe your pain no end. Ensure you apply to all affected areas then rinse off in a nice cool shower.

Use a compress
A compress is usually a soft pad of gauze which is applied to the skin with pressure with the purpose of delivering heat or in our case cool, soothing mositure to sore areas. In the case of home sunburn remedies you can soak compresses in a number of substances in order to provide yourself with benefits of soothing,

Aluminium acetate - In order to administer aluminium acetate to sunburn then one of the best ways you can do this is by adding Domeboro powder (which is available from most chemists and contains good levels of aluminium acetate) to water. You then need to soak the compresses in the formula and apply the the sunburn. This solution is very good at keeping the skin moist and reducing itchiness.

Cold Water - If you don't have any the products - listed in this article to hand (except the compresses of course) - then a compress soaked in cold water will help soothe. So just grab yourself a bowl of cold water, soak the compress and lay it over the affected area. You'll probably have to follow this process every 15 minutes or when the the body's temperature has made it warm.

Milk - Many people have been using milk as a natural remedy in the treatment of sunburn for years. This is becasue the protein that is contained within the milk is extremely soothing. The best type of milk to use is the skimmed variety. In order to make the remedy you need to add 200ml of skimmed milk to 800ml of water, add a few ice cubes and apply the soaked compress to the burn for 20 minutes and repeat the action every few hours.

Oatmeal - As we discussed earlier oatmeal is a pretty good substance as far as home sunburn remedies go. What you have to do here is to soak the oatmeal in water, drain out the oatmeal in question and then saok the compress in the water that remains. Now apply to the sunburn and replace every few hours.

Witch hazel - A good way of getting temporary relief from sunburn then witch hazel works wonders just grab yourself a cloth, apply the formula and add to the affected area.

Calenndula extract - The calendula is a Mediterranean plant belonging to the daisy family and is noted for it's healing powers, thus making it one of the best home sunburn remedies out there. The extracts, which can be purchased form most health food stores are well renowned for their anti-viral, anti-genotoxic and anti-inflammatory properties. Here, you need to place (approx) 20 drops of the extract into 100ml of water and use a cotton wool ball to administer to the sunburned skin. The added beauty of this sunburn remedy is that it can be used to treat the skin after the burn has gone, in order to repair the skin.

Lavender oil - Lavender oil is well documented for its use in the treatment of sunburn and sunstroke. This is mostly down to its antiseptic and pain relieving properties. Here dilute 10 drops of the extract with 25ml of vegetable oil, to treat the burn. Alternatively you can add 10 drops of the lavdender oil to 100ml of water.

Lemon juice - Because the juice of a lemon will the cool the skin, and act as a disinfectant it is particular useful in the promotion of dermatological healing. For this natural sunburn remedy you'll have to pour 250ml of water into a bowl and add the juice of two large lemons (or three small lemons). Then use a sponge or any other soft implement to apply to the burnt skin.

Grab some pain relief
- Well, if you're unfortunate enough to fall victim of the sun then then one of the first things you can do is reach the old fail-safe the pain killers. If your sunburn is medium or mild then taking aspirin (read the bottle for details or if you're unsure see your doctor) every few hours will reduce the pain and itching and minimise the swelling

A cool bath
If you're unlucky enough to get surburn from head, to toe then one of the best things you can do in order to sooth your painful body is to run yourself a nice cool bath. Ensure the water is not too hot as this may be counterproductive.

When you've finsihed soaking in the bath see to it that you pat yourself dry, rather than scrub yourself dry as you would normally do. If you fail to do this then you'l irritate your skin further, thus undoing all the benefits of the bath.

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