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Integrated Exercises

Integrated Exercises Get Back in Shape with OPH

What is integrated exercise?

Integrated exercise is the incorporation of an exercise routine into your daily life.

Is it for me?

Yes. No matter how sedentary your lifestyle may be, integrated exercise is the sure way for weight and inch loss.

Integrated exercise does not discriminate. The home and the workplace alike provide first class training grounds that can be tailored for your purpose.Integrated exercise can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle, you can do as little or as much as you like which leaves you firmly in control.

Integrated exercise is versatile and flexible, helps you build stamina and is clearly the most motivational exercise regime known.

Integrated exercise is as individual as you are. Think about your non-sleep hours as this is the area of your life that provides the blank canvass for you to work on. Creating a calorific deficit is the only way to lose weight so use available time effectively. Everyday actions that you take for granted do in fact burn vital calories. The secret is to identify and maximise.

Below are some suggestions to get you started:


Great for building stamina especially if you work on the 7th floor!! Don’t worry if you can’t reach your floor level at the first attempt, that’s what elevators are for By using the elevator as a backup rather than as a means will not only burn vital calories but also tone and strengthen leg and butt muscles.

Average Calories Burned – 10 per minute


Walking is a great form of integrated exercise so why not get off the bus a stop early or walk to your destination rather than take the bus. Great for toning the legs.

Average Calories Burned – 100 per mile


Pushing a shopping trolley can be quite exerting, especially when it is full, but what a great way to burn calories. Combine with a walk to the supermarket and you are certainly on to a winner.

Average Calories Burned – 200 per hour


Cleaning the home is great for burning calories. Everyday chores such as vacuuming, making beds and dusting, not only help create that essential calorific deficit but tone upper and lower muscles.

Average Calories Burned – 300 per hour


Garden maintenance is a sure way to create that calorific deficit. Tasks such as weeding hoeing, raking, not to mention hedge trimming and mowing , use all the major muscle groups and not only help you lose weight but also to tone and build muscle.

Average Calories Burned – 350per hour


Cooking may not be the most energetic household duty you may undertake but with you firmly in control of what is on offer, the calorific deficit you can build can make each meal preparation a viable undertaking in the weight loss stakes.

Average Calories Burned – 160 per hour office desk

In the Office

Make the most of the time spent at your desk. For it is at your desk you have the perfect opportunity to indulge in giving your body the TLC it so desperately needs.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water not only helps your body to work more efficiently but it also staves off hunger pangs. All too often the mind can confuse thirst with hunger and lead to snacking which reduces the calorific deficit , resulting in weight gain.

Four a Day

Fruit is vital part of healthy eating so if you if you don’t feel like chomping your way through an apple or pear during your scheduled breaks, why not use the time when your sat at your desk. Particularly useful if you’re not really a fruit lover, because psychologically you are doing it in work time with the added bonus of leaving yourself free during breaks to stretch your legs. thinking Change The Way You Think

Integrated exercise helps you to change the way you think about food. In short, you begin to see food in terms of exercise and not calories. This can be a great motivator because you are firmly in control and are able to link various exercises and tasks with specific food intake.


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